Pearl cultivation


Lately, because of the and generally, of the ecological system contamination, another section that has also been struck is the one of the natural pearls. While the demand wan being increased and the pearl amounts were insufficient, pearls started being cultivated, in special pearl farms. The procedure is time-consuming and really difficult. From the 2.000 mussels that will be cultivated, only ten of them will produce high quality pearls.

The natural pearls are normally created when a grain of sand, a grain of mussel crust or a parasite enters its body and it is unable to shed it. It is its natural defense.
Although man does not create the cultivated pearls, they are created with the human interference, and like the natural ones, they grow in live mussels. The cultivated mussels become from a mussel nucleus, which is surgically placed in the mussel. In order the mussel to be protected, it secretes crystalloid substances, called nacre, on the mussel nucleus.

As the time passes, the nacre layers are build one on the other, creating a mussel with the desired deep shine. There is no other difference between these two pearls, as both of them are products of nature.

False pearls, the ones that are created by man, are manufactured in factories without using mussels, with organic and inorganic chemicals and other substances. Two basic and simple ways to identify the real from the false ones are these:

1. By tooth. Scraping a real pearl with tooth you get the sense of sand where as the false one gives the sense of plastic.
2. By the environment temperature. The real pearls are able to adjust in the temperature of the place, where as the false ones are not.