Pearl treatment

The pearl has been the most classic and widespread jewel from ancient years. The ancient people used to believe that pearls were angel’s tears or tears of the moon, but nowadays are considered as tears of happiness. The pearl needs special care and attention in order to last for generations. These are some advice from our long experience on how to take care of theme.

The luck of humidity can evaporate their content of water and tarnish their shine. Pearls that are often worn, maintain their humidity absorbing it from the air or from the body that wears them.

For the protection of your pearls we suggest you to put them on, after making your toilet, avoiding contact with sprays or perfumes. For the shining of the pearl you should occasionally clean them with a soft, dry cloth. You should not get them in contact with other jewellery and store them individually in a soft cloth in order to avoid scratches.

Frequently, special professional jewelers should clean them and certainly change the silk thread with which they are tied.

There are pearl necklaces in several lengths, from which we suggest you the most widespread.

1. Collar. It is suitable for clothes with V-neck or strapless. Its length is from 30 to 33 cm and it is made of three or more series of pearls.

2. Choker. This is the classic length in a single series and it is from 30 to 45 cm.

3. Princess. It is the best length for long necks and it is from 42 to 47 cm.

4. Matinee. It is suitable for casual or professional outfits and its length is from 50 to 60 cm.

5. Opera. The royal length 70 to 85 cm is worn single or double like Choker.

6. Rope. It is more than 112 cm. It usually has buttons so that it can be separated in pieces for both the wrist and the neck.
Our company combines besides the above, pearl jewellery with precious or semi precious stones and also with gold or white gold K14 and K18. Special orders can be made for any of our jewels. You can pick the pearl you like, have fun drawing your own unique design, send us your desired design and we will try for the best result.