Pearl cultivation

In recent years, with the contamination of the dangers and the ecological system in general, one area that has been affected was also that of natural pearls. As demand grew and the quantities were not enough, they began to grow them in special farms pearls. The process is time consuming and not at all easy, as long as we mention that of the 2,000 mussels to be cultivated, only 10 mussels will produce pearls that will be of high quality standards.

Natural pearls are naturally created when a grain of sand, bark or parasite enters its body and can not eliminate it, is its natural defense. The cultivated pearls are not made by man, but they are by human intervention and as they naturally grow in live mussels. Cultivable pearls begin with a musk-core, a graft that is surgically placed into the mussel. In order to protect the mussel it secretes crystalline substances, called margarous, on the graft.

Over time, the mattress layers are built on top of each other, creating a pearl with the desired deep polish. There is no other difference between them, as both are products of nature.

Fake pearls are those created by man and made in factories without the use of mussels, with organic and inorganic chemicals and other elements. Two simple basic ways of identifying between physical and false are:
1. With the tooth. Gently rubbing it on the teeth, you get the sense of sand in the natural, but the fake has a sense of plastic.
2. At room temperature they naturally adapt to the temperature of body space while the fake no.